Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Solution for Salmon: Syrah!

How do you like your salmon? I like mine grilled, seasoned only with olive oil, salt and pepper. Two minutes or less on each side of a filet makes it medium-rare, the inside soft and tender while the outside is striped with golden brown deliciousness.

And for the wine? Well, white wine with fish, right? With white fish, perhaps, but the oily, flavorful delight of grilled salmon demands something stronger. A white wine serves only to spread the fishy oils around your mouth, enhancing the fishiness. A fruity red is going to clash, too, but a nice earthy red , not too tannic, is ideal (like, say, our 2005 Syrah from Alder Creek Vineyard). It has enough of its own flavor to keep up with the flavor of the sea, and the surf and turf effect is very pleasing.



Adam said...

This reminded me of an article I once read on seafood and red wines. I believe this is the link to it:

Matt said...

Cool article, thanks Adam!